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Placement is a time of fear for most students. All the students have questions regarding what are the best practices that need to be followed to get better placement and what are the parameters that would be checked by the recruitment officers at the time placement. Here is an attempt to understand the trends in placements

Q1 Is work experience affecting the placement statics?

Q2 Are percentage really helpful for getting placed?

Q3 Which streams have a better chance of getting placed?

Q4 Which stream enables chances at getting better salary?

People generally with work experience tend to have better chance at getting places as they are already having industrial experience and need less training as compared to a fresher.

As can be deducted from the graph above we can see that there is a high percentage of people not getting placed without work experience and those having work experience have a high chance of getting placed.

It is common among people to think that the more the marks the better the chances of getting placed.

As seen from graph these fears seem to be unfounded and those with less percentage seem to be at advantage, which could be attributed to they getting better at skills apart from the academics which are helpful at times of placement.

And these trends are not only seen in degree but also in mba exams.

In analyzing the stream is enabling people to have better chance of getting placed following graph was created from the dataset.

And the clear stat that we get the people from Comm&Mgmt have a better chance of getting placed;

As it can be seen here Comm and management stream is helpful in getting better salary at the same percentage in degree

Further for the specialization in MBA the following graph portrays the stats

We can see that the amount of salary drawn by people who did specialization in Marketing & Finance is comparatively higher than those who did in Marketing & HR and the max salary drawn in Marketing & Finance is much higher.

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