Secret To Hosting A Low Budget Party

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They Want White Babies!

Hey white women of child-bearing age! Republican politicians think you’re not fulfilling your biblical function. You gotta start popping out babies to replace the old boomers dying off. Otherwise — well, I’m not quite sure what horrible calamity they think will befall the country if you don’t, but clearly it would be very very very bad.

Republican snowflakes are deathly afraid of non-white people becoming a majority. Honestly, I’d look forward to that moment. Because white people sure have screwed things up around here.

How do I know they want more white women to breed? Well, first off, Republicans and their propagandists can’t seem to stop talking about “replacement” this and “replacement” that. Remember how the Unite the Right Nazis chanted “Jews will not replace us” at Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2018? (My response is, “no, robots will, you dumb Nazi incels.”)

Tucker Carlson won’t shut up about some made-up “great replacement theory” to get their audience riled up about the idea that brown people‘s votes might count for more than theirs. (Never mind that the truth is that non-white people deal with an insane level of voter suppression in this country.)

Even though his bullshit propaganda is inciting violent racist attacks, including the mass shooting inside a Buffalo grocery store in a predominantly African-American community, he won’t stop.

Here’s further evidence: right-wing extremists on the Supreme Court, who are now a majority cuz not enough people voted for the email lady in 2016, dismantled Roe v. Wade, and since the Dobbs decision that got rid of it, red states have been proposing even weirder bills, likely influenced by their icons Putin or Orban, to “encourage” women to pump out more kids.

Hungary’s authoritarian leader Orban offered Hungarians financial incentives to breed because, heaven forbid Hungary shows some compassion and allows Syrian refugees to settle there. Orban talks a lot about European racial purity. Hmm, where have I heard language like that before?

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