The Watson Assistant Guide to Multilingual Chatbots

There are times when your chatbot need to respond to customers in several languages. This guide teaches you how to do this in Watson Assistant easily.


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Achieving your dreams can seem like a tedious and arduous task. The prospect of going through a dark passage with an unknown ending can feel scary, but if you have the clear and set focus with a ray of light in the form of guidance, then the journey becomes a lot easier, and the challenges only add to the fun and adventurous part of it. And slowly and steadily, one can tread the path and eventually gain success.

The most exciting part of dreaming is the ups and downs, highs and lows and the sweat-stained smile that breaks through anything that tries to pull you back. But it is an eventual process. You need to follow specific steps, beliefs, truths, and habits to reach the destiny of your dreams. Remember to say "I can", and this positive and optimistic outlook would only remove the stones of hindrances from your path.

1. I dream it.

Dreams are a product of desires by heart and will of the brain. Every single achievement starts with the steppingstone of dreaming. If you dare to dream, then you have already taken a step towards it. Do not let the pessimism of 'what-ifs' and hold you back from dreaming. When you dream big, the rewards are just as big, and it would possibly bring you even more satisfaction and comfort.

2. I envisage my future.

After dreaming, you need to picture and envisage the future repercussions your dream might bring. Is the product of your dream resulting in the future that you desire? Is it the way you want to live? You need to actually break through the reality and put yourself in that picture. If you adjust and change your current plan do, they bring even better results?

It is almost like setting your phone setup. You need a background that’s desirable today and still looks beautiful in the future. Adjust the brightness according to your situations. Your end goal is to make your phone functional while looking pretty. You can adjust the more minor part as the condition persists at that time, which would only add to your future.

3. I will plan.

When you’re walking the path of achieving dreams, a plan is a requirement so that you never dawdle and continue to move forward. During a journey having a roadmap ensure that you do not take a wrong turn which might take you to an undesirable destination.

Plans need to have smaller goals that eventually culminate into a bigger purpose, that is, your dream. Those smaller stones, which may not seem that rewarding or worth your time, could possibly shape your entire future. So, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that you always give your absolute best.

4. I am consistent.

Being consistent and persistent is the key to achieving your dreams. It always happens that one starts with a lot of fervour which dwindles down to barely doing anything. It just makes your journey harder, and the goal seems even problematic. So, timing your goals to ensure that you finish them within a certain limit and boundary ensures that you’re consistently contributing to your future.

5. I have integrity and intention.

Being honest with yourself regarding your intentions, ability, and limits substantiates the problems you can face in the future. All humans are gifted with particular abilities that set them apart, and one needs to remember how far one can go to achieve it and how far ones they already possess can be pushed. You need to keep in mind that continuously pushing yourself far beyond your limits could mentally and physically exhaust you to the point that you might give up. So, the best way is to achieve smaller goals but consistently.

6. I can take advantage of any situation.

Taking advantage of any given situation is crucial and adds to capturing your dreams. Be it a small project or any sort of work that others are hesitating to take up. It makes you stand apart and puts you forward as a person who is willing to take initiatives. Do not shy away from taking up new hobbies and skills, which might take time. It may look time-consuming at a particular moment, but in the future, it might end up becoming your saviour and possibly favour your dreams.

7. I am not afraid to take help.

It is undeniable that learning and growing is a part of achieving dreams that require help from other people more often than not. If you dither from reaching out and ask for this small favour, then it might quite possibly change your entire future. You need to acknowledge that there are more well-versed people in specific topics than you are, and it is absolutely fine to ask for help. People who stand at higher positions and have achieved their dreams were once beginners too. They were new, at some point too, but what set them apart was that they reached out and took the help that carved them into someone capable of grasping that dream.

8. I will take responsibility.

You cannot possibly entirely rely on someone or push the blame of situations on someone else. Dreams help you imagine a problem that is far different, happier and satisfactory than your current one. You need to take responsibility that whatever action you take today would definitely alter your future, and the situation that you are in at the start of the journey could not be helped. You cannot push all the blame on someone else, give excuses and refuse to bear consequences.

Dreams are the product of today’s actions, and you need to ensure that you are not slacking off and leave everything to fate.

9. I am willing to take risks.

The path to dreams is rocky and full of hurdles. But if you try to stay within your comfort zone and refuse to take calculated risks, then it might as well be an end to your dreams. Taking risks determine your persistence and will to actually get to that dream. Although those risks need to be calculated and determined. Going headlong into it without thinking at least twice and thrice can be significantly harmful and can ruin your future.

10. I can work to my best.

Giving out your best and not withholding anything is the most basic yet most significant deterministic factor of the journey. If you give half-hearted attempts and responses to your goals, it would never yield a beneficial result. If you feel like doing a job isn’t taking the best out of you, then it is best to leave it then waste time. Working towards a goal that does not allow you to give your hundred per cent is just a burden for your future that will hinder your dreams.

11. I can have fun.

One need to keep in mind while trudging on the journey towards your dream is having fun. The prospect of having fun while working makes the job easier. Achieving your goal would already bring you immense joy and pleasure, but rewarding yourself amid the journey would make you more determined to get that final fruit of satisfaction that it will definitely bring along.

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