The Watson Assistant Guide to Multilingual Chatbots

There are times when your chatbot need to respond to customers in several languages. This guide teaches you how to do this in Watson Assistant easily.


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Best Interest

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To love is to value what is in the best interest of another person. This could be a romantic partner, a friend, your child(ren). This can require sacrifice-in fact it is almost guaranteed to require some kind of surrender or some choice to choose the thing that is best for them-but that you don’t prefer or want. If they are also seeking your best interest, this should balance out. A way to make this more enjoyable for everyone is to say, I get to…, instead of, I have to….

Time is both valuable and meaningful-that’s why it is one of the love languages. Time has a way of slipping away, if we don’t pay enough attention to it. The years can fly by like a breath exhaled-lost once it’s gone; unless we stir ourselves to be consciously aware of the value of the time spent with the people around us. Once we start being aware of this value, we start consciously making memories to reflect upon later in life. There are fewer regrets and-hopefully-more love.

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