7 Ways You Are Out Of Alignment With Your Soul

When I was in my corporate job years ago, I had no awareness of what “alignment’ even was. I just did what I did, rarely questioned my ‘purpose’ and focused on working my way up the corporate ladder…


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Space exploration and human psychology

Our relationship with the Universe has been modeled by each cycle of civilization and each human era holds a different program for you to model your perception of the Cosmos. Ever since we are kids we are modeled our perception in accordance to parents beliefs and any moments of wonder are drastically cut by our parents expectations of us and by our duty towards others and life, such as, in short time we forget about our amazement and shortly begin to forget to even look at the sky.

Either you are an astronomer, either an astrologist, or a passionate amateur sky photographer, for sure these three types of relationships with the sky are allowed. The fourth would be you being an artist and speculating the sky for your artistic creation. The most exquisite space photography can create so many beautiful emotions in us but we have still to understand the depth of what we perceive and feel its presence there in an accurate way.

Old Babylonian chart

For sure space exploration has helped us get out of superstition and for sure our entire culture and civilization is modeled upon the possibility to get out of our planetary confinement into the vast openness of interstellar travel and maybe, if we survive as a species, after millennia of scientific progress, intergalactic travel.

Old map of the Sky, antique sky map

The only thing is to not fool ourselves too much with AI and computer simulations of having been there already because that can leave us drained of the motivation to really go there, but sometimes can give us the flavor of how it is to be there, so I am not an anti-AI space exploration simulators. For instance Space engine is a good universe sandbox simulator, or Celestia. If it wasn’t for Copernicus, if it wasn’t for Newton and Einstein, if it wasn’t for the scientists nowadays who have let us touch the Moons’ surface, we would still be plunged in superstition maybe terrified at a first sighting of a meteor. The fear of cataclysm is deeply embedded in our human psyche and this coupled with the desire to transcend our nature have made us go beyond our planetary limitation even just in thought.

Apollo 17 mission, scientist Harrison Schmitt retrieving lunar samples

But should we go beyond our planet? Should we travel in interstellar space in the first place? Are we meant to do that by default or is it that we are “naughty” and break the rule of planetary evolution and natural cycles of birth and death solely upon the surface of Earth?

We could find so many counter-arguments to being allowed to travel in outer space in the first place:

There are many counter-arguments, still our dreams and hopes remain the same. It’s like we have discovered the most beautiful Treasure man can discover and resigning of the fact of opening the treasure chest it’s exactly what accepting we cannot go beyond our solar system means to us.

It’s impossible to not try at least.

Nowadays, our hopes go to Elon Musk and whomever tries to debunk him must also admit to how important he is to us right now. Nasa is putting its efforts there too. SETI as well as ESA and all space agencies around the globe.

Politicians are intermingling with our desire to explore and this is quite remarkable to see that anything goes in that direction, I mean all of our efforts. A space force has been put into discussion.

But in all of our efforts we still miss the main ingredient: the Reality of the Cosmos. What it truly means to us? What is the degree of Spiritual Experience that it evokes to us? Has Space itself made us Spiritual in the first place?

Is it ultimately Space and meeting the sky in our perception that creates our culture and civilization?

So it seems to be. It seems that the Core Element and ingredient into how our Culture is shaped for millennia is our way of telling the Story of what we perceive above us.

It is only after we’ve figured this out that we begin the tell the planetary story and not vice-versa.

In our life equation we oscillate between our individual space and social space and more and more into our daily life we’ve industrialized our perception of space. We’ve secured it to mean only a certain thing: progress, destruction and unfathomable beauty, but still untouchable. Otherwise we make it ordinary and very materialistic, space blast, explosions, incandescent matter which can be re-created in a lab. Yet we seem to miss the medium of the Outer Space itself(we even call it “outer”). Spiritualists might argue that it is still inside of us or inside the world and that nothing is really “Outer”, still, Space comes back even stronger and erases our paradigms of delusion and asks us one more time to perceive it correctly so that we can formulate a correct civilization.

Maybe perception can be corrected through computer algorithms and maybe we will gain the necessary accuracy in order to create the necessary emotional and energetic momentum to be in a correct relationship with the sky, or maybe we will search blindly even to the last remnant of our human civilization without properly responding to the question of “Who put those stars out there?”, or nowadays formulated as “Who is the guy who created all this(or at least the conditions of all this happening?”.

Brightest Quasar artistic impression (earthsky.org)

“Who created is-ness?”

When we think of Space we think about a higher order of things because we litteraly perceive a higher order of things, but we also need a higher order of understanding things which sometimes only our language, emotions and intention(which is also a combination for Spirituality) can evolve us into.

If Planets and celestial bodies in general would have a meaning of their own, it is hard for us to tell even if we travel to the Edge of the Cosmos we would still have to analyze this in other ways, like for instance measuring the emotions of a Planet or even discerning if the intergalactic web has a social movement, another type of society which transcends our human understanding of “personality” and character. The way in which Space tells its own story is still something we have to discern from our own way of telling the story and maybe planets and stars do have a love story of their own.

Laniakea, a movement of Galaxies filled with grace

Understanding if this is the case is the key in modeling our perception and seeing Space for what it actually is. What type of medium, both physically and psychologically, that would also be important and would help us in our technological progress because of improving our perception and knowing what to expect. So technological progress must go hand in hand with our psychological understanding of Space.

Elon Musk’s happy reaction to Falcon’s successful launch

Will we manage to travel into the outer space sooner than later? I think that to our understanding of our true positioning in space with regards to understanding it and progressing towards it we have to also add the key to be able to actually act upon our understanding: like for instance being able to create the necessary ingredients for life on a ship which travels the vacuum, or of course, ideally creating bodies adapted to vacuum but that is still Sci-fi.

Famous Kubrik scene from “A space Odyssey”

Finding a way to adapt to vacuum can be a foolish thought but maybe science has yet to prove us wrong in underestimating it.

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