They Want White Babies!

Hey white women of child-bearing age! Republican politicians think you’re not fulfilling your biblical function. You gotta start popping out babies to replace the old boomers dying off. Otherwise —…


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The Activist

It feels ridiculous to include a preface like this but our current culture of heightened scrutiny and sensationalized attacks with out of context snippets has gone to such lengths that I believe it is necessary: I am not a racist, nor do I believe that people of any skin color are better than people of any other skin color.

This, obvious but somehow requisite preface now understood, I would like to address certain behaviors, beliefs and ideas that have become increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation. I believe it is my duty, as a law-abiding citizen and lover of my country to confront these dangerous threats that have seduced so many and that seek to demonize anyone who attempts to disagree. I am prepared for the backlash I may receive and rest well despite it, knowing I have done everything in my own power for the country I love.

There is one particular aspect of this growing movement that I would like to focus your attention on, and that is the behavior of the so-called leader of this growing ideology. You all likely, know the face and almost assuredly have heard the name, Heavens knows he doesn’t seem to have a hard time finding himself in front of a camera or on the pages of a newspaper despite his insistence that he is ever the victim, and yet the cult-like idolization of this man is not one that I feel deserves perpetuating and thus I will only refer to him as “the activist” since that is one of many titles he likes to give himself.

I think it is vital that our society understands that however charismatic or inspiring this activist may be, there lies a much darker reality underneath the surface. A reality that I believe must be exposed before the clutches of evil and Satanism itself is permanently unleashed on our God-fearing country. For this purpose, I will illuminate three aspects of this activists’ life for your better understanding of his true motives: his personal character, his ideological beliefs and of course his activist methods.

This is a man who claims to be a Christian and even claims the title of minister, and yet privately has made blasphemous claims that he doesn’t actually believe in what he calls “Biblical literalism,” translation: he doesn’t believe in the virgin birth of Jesus nor any of the miraculous events of the Bible. The activist talks about equality for all and supporting women, but yet he has been caught, with irrefutable proof, mistreating women including his own wife! This activist claims to be a “pro-choice” pastor and supports the killing of the unborn, so much so that genocidal organizations like Planned Parenthood have honored him and given him literal prizes and awards.

But, that is not all! This activist claims to be against violence and gun use, but somehow when police investigated his house they found it was filled with firearms and weaponry of every kind imaginable. The activist likes to make a big show about how he never carries any weapons on him, which is all fine and dandy, but if you simply zoom the camera out a little bit you will see his henchmen bodyguards armed to the teeth with guns and knives ready to do their master’s bidding. Wouldn’t we all be “peaceful activists” if we could spew whatever hateful rhetoric we wanted and then walk around with a small army of gun-toting thugs everywhere we went?

Nevermind the fact that this activist has been arrested dozens of times and has an extensive criminal record, and now claims to support law and order when it conveniences him. The activist claims to do everything he does in order to support poor folks, he preaches from his pulpit about the “evils of capitalism” and yet you can find him vacationing in Jamaica or India or one of his many homes across the country. The activist always happens to be spotted with some of his elite friends including celebrities, politicians and even the richest billionaires in the world (not so against capitalism after all I guess!).

This activist claims to believe in catchy buzzwords like “equality,” “civil rights” and “justice.” Upon further examination, of what he actually believes in, you will realize these words come nothing close to what his true vision is. Not only has he spoken out against the “evils” of capitalism but in private he believes he has written about how he believes in “Democratic Socialism,” (gee, now what other radical liberal have we heard who also believes in Democratic Socialism?) and the FBI itself has actually investigated this activist for literal ties to Communists. Obviously, we know that the radical left has been covertly trying to implant the evils of communism into America for years but now it is happening before our very eyes as the leader of the forefront organizations for “civil rights” has expressed views of Socialism, Communism and Marxism.

The threats of Socialism and Communism are obvious, and I don’t need to lay out the dangers that are imminent from these beliefs, but this activist’s ideas and beliefs go beyond even trying to implement communism in America. Indeed, he views America, the very same country that gives him the freedom to spew his radical nonsense, as inherently “racist.” In his personal writings, this activist claims that America was “born of genocide and racial hatred.” He continues that too much attention is devoted to “exalting” American pride and patriotism and that we should feel even more guilt and shame for our country’s past mistakes.

The activist is currently working tirelessly for radical policy positions such as free money for everybody every month, free healthcare and reparations for Black and Native Americans. He claims to be “nonpartisan” and yet has stated that he always votes for Democrats and has openly campaigned against many Republicans. So much for the separation of Church and State that these radical liberals are always going on about!

Beyond his blatant disdain for law enforcement and the many injuries and even death caused by his followers on police officers, despite his insistence that they are all peaceful, this activist won’t just settle for degrading the police but is openly anti-military. Claiming that he is only opposed to the motives of the current war our troops are fighting, him and his followers have treated our soldiers with humiliation and disdain and are entirely unfit to be Americans. Let’s see how successful his “peaceful protesting” tactics hold up if he actually had to fight for his own freedom, rather than depending on true patriots to die for them instead.

The activist claims to preach non-violence and even thinks of himself as an American version of Ghandi, stating that all of his methods are “peaceful protesting.” Yet all of the so-called peaceful protests inevitably seem to result in widespread unrest, violent clashes with the police and rioting and looting which destroys their very own cities. Millions of dollars of damage has been done in practically every city or place that this activist has decided to hold a “peaceful” demonstration.

Again, his private writings are very revealing, as he describes his methods as purposefully initiating conflict with law enforcement in order to make Black protestors look more sympathetic in the press. The media of course eats up every minute of it and seems to hang on his every word, it should come as no surprise that many of his closest friends are those in control of the media. The activists and his organizations go from one American city to the next stirring up tensions, playing the victim, shaming white folks and law enforcement and wrecking havoc throughout the area before packing up and moving their grift to the next location. He buses in outside agitators to help rile up the crowds to become more hostile and violent.

Make no mistake, I am always supportive of actual peaceful protest, and believe that all Americans have the right to protest, but what this man and his followers are doing, is anything but peaceful. I suppose this should come as no surprise though, everything this man says seems to be directly in opposition to what he does: claiming to be a Christian and yet not believing in what the Bible teaches, claiming to be peaceful when he surrounds himself with thugs and incites violence, claiming to be American even as he hates everything America stands for.

He listens to no one but himself, demands that everyone conform to his warped worldview and suggests that anyone who opposes him must then be a violent racist or white supremacist. That level of anarchy and tyranny inside of an individual's social and religious beliefs leaves no room for surprise that he is a Socialist and Communist. He is as un-democratic, un-American and un-freedom loving as any foreign terrorist who wishes to harm our country. He should be viewed no differently.

In the end, I guess it can be said that whatever title he wishes to describe himself as, activist, pastor, reverend or doctor, perhaps no better title can describe what he truly wants for himself than the one he was born with as his family name: King.

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